Gatlinburg has an Abandoned Theme Park called Fun Mountain

Gatlinburg still has the abandoned remains from Fun Mountain Theme Park visible from town.

Fun Mountain, an abandoned theme park in Gatlinburg, TN, closed its doors in 2000 after financial struggles.

The park once had rides like bumper cars, which can still be seen but are now overtaken by nature.


We first noticed this park while looking out of our hotel balcony room and took some pictures of the ski lift heading eerily into the forest.

Fun Mountain in Gatlinburg. Photo by Ashley @
Fun Mountain in Gatlinburg. Photo by Ashley @

There’s not much left of it anymore, and it’s hard to see from the street level. But the ski lifts are a surprising discovery for visitors.

The picture above was taken from Margaritaville Gatlinburg in a forward-facing balcony room.

To find it on Google Maps, the address is 130 East Pkwy, Gatlinburg, TN.

Some YouTube videos show people walking up to the chair lift. We haven’t walked up there, as we’re not sure who’s property it is.

One thing’s for sure: with the growth in Gatlinburg, the remains of this park won’t be around forever!

History of Fun Mountain

Fun Mountain was a small theme park in downtown Gatlinburg that opened in the 1990s but experienced financial difficulties.

Fun Mountain shut down in 2000. Many of the rides sat for years before being sold off, yet here in 2024, the skylift is still there.

The property’s history goes back long before it became an amusement park.

At one point, it was home to the Mountain View Hotel. That hotel was demolished in the 1990s before Fun Mountain was built.


This abandoned theme park in Gatlinburg closed in 2000 but is still visible in Gatlinburg, TN.

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