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Gatlinburg Skybridge tickets on sale: 30% off now due to construction

About a week ago, we paid $37.95 per adult to visit the Gatlinburg Skypark and Skybridge for last-minute same-day tickets.

This has been the normal price for tickets booked within the next several days, with discounts of $5 per person booking a few days in advance.

We think the price has been too high for what’s currently offered there.

view of the SkyBridge Gatlinburg
SkyBridge Gatlinburg at Gatlinburg Skypark

But checking the ticket prices this morning, we noticed they’d dropped to $25 per person for the remainder of the schedule.

skypark gatlinburg new prices
Skypark Gatlinburg prices

The price stays this way out for the entire schedule until September.

This is because, since our visit last week, they’ve closed the area on the west side of the bridge for construction and expansion.

Skybridge Gatlinburg
Skybridge Gatlinburg

In the picture above, you can see the construction at the bridge’s far end.

There was a small viewing and snack area there, but that’s being greatly expanded to include a burger restaurant.

While this means there’s much more to do at the Skypark, they’ve started the next part of construction and closed that area.

Here’s how it looked on our visit last week. As you couldn’t walk right up to the edge, the views weren’t as good as from near the top of the lift and the bridge.

So now you’ll have to walk across the bridge and turn around at the end without exiting it, potentially making the bridge much more crowded.

When we visited last weekend on a Saturday morning, it wasn’t very busy, so we would’ve been happy to pay 30% less for this adjustment.


In our opinion, the price discount makes up for this inconvenience, especially for a last-minute ticket. Tickets can be booked on their website to skip the booking line.

Pick a less busy time to visit, and take advantage of the great views for these discounted prices.

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