The Best Places for snow tubing near Gatlinburg

With about 9 inches of snow annually in downtown, Gatlinburg isn’t somewhere you’ll find real snow all winter.

But there are some great options for snow tubing in the winter (and even in the summer).

Best Snow Tubing Near Gatlinburg

1 . Ober Mountain

ober mountain snow tubing
Ober Mountain Snow Tubing

Ober Mountain (formerly Ober Gatlinburg) ski resort is the most popular destination (the only one in Gatlinburg) for snow tubing. For winter 2023-2024, the season closed on March 24, 2024.

Ober Mountain uses man-made snow to supplement real snow during the snow tubing season and ensure that there is always plenty of snow for skiing and snowboarding.

ober gatlinburg snow hill
Ober Mountain Snow Tubing

Snow tubing sessions at Ober Mountain are suitable for people of all ages, although reservations are needed, and it’s an additional charge on top of the regular Ober attraction wristband.

We reviewed Ober Mountain on our last trip, and while we weren’t very impressed with its other attractions, it’s a good choice for snow tubing. However, its lanes are shorter than other places we’ve been tubing at.

Ober Mountain tubing
Ober Mountain Snow Tubing

2. Rowdy Bear Ridge

Our other two options are just up the road in Pigeon Forge. Rowdy Bear Ridge has an outdoor snow tubing hill open year-round.

During the winter, (Now closed for the season as of March 2024) experience the longest outdoor snow tubing hill in Tennessee! Rowdy Bear’s snow-making equipment provides a winter experience during the Smoky Mountain mild winters.

Ride on the magic carpet conveyors to the top of the hill, then race down one of the 500-foot lanes.

The picture below shows a plastic material misted with water during summer. A cover has been added since this picture was taken.

We’ve been going to Rowdy Bear since they first opened. Since then, they’ve expanded a lot, adding several new roller coaster-type attractions!

snow tubing near gatlinburg tn rowdy bear

You can go tubing solo or connect inner tubes together for a more thrilling experience. The magic carpet conveyor at the hill will take you to the top without hiking.

Tickets are available for pre-purchase or at the snow tubing ticket office. At Rowdy Bear, you’re sure to have a good time, whether it’s the summer months or winter season.

3. Pigeon Forge Snow

This indoor park has several winter-themed attractions, but its main one is the indoor snow tubing hill, where you can ride down the slopes on inner tubes.

Pigeon Forge Snow also has a snow play area, but like many indoor snow areas, it’s icier than real snow. The park is fully enclosed, so you can enjoy all of these activities no matter what the weather is like outside.

Snow tubing tickets at Pigeon Forge Snow cost $29-39 online or at the ticket booth for a one-hour tubing session.

How Much Snow Does Gatlinburg Get?

snow tubing near gatlinburg tn how much snow

Gatlinburg typically receives around 9 inches of snow yearly, but higher elevations see more. Because it is in a valley, the surrounding mountains receive more.

The mountains next to the town are around 1,000 feet taller than Gatlinburg’s elevation, so they’re typically only about 2 degrees cooler.

Snowfall in Gatlinburg typically begins in late November and continues through March, with the heaviest snowfall occurring in January and February. 


There are a few good options for snow tubing in the area, with one in Gatlinburg and two more in Pigeon Forge.

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